Small-scale mikrokosmen

Soil small-scale microcosms showed to be suitable for assessing the effects of Bt-toxins (crystal (Cry) proteins), copper and plant material containing Cry-proteins on the structure of nematode communities (Höss et al. 2014). The microcosms are 50-ml centrifuge tubes filled with approx. 30g of soil (see Fig. 1). In this small volume of soil, a sufficiently high number of nematodes is present to perform a statistically valid analysis of the community structure.      


Ecossa provides:

  • Performance of microcosm study (spiking/sampling)
  • Analysis of nematode genus composition
  • Multivariate analysis using principal response curves (PRC)
  • Calculation of soil nematode specific index: Maturity Indices (MI, MI2-5)